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Does Wearing a Face Mask Protects you from Coronavirus?

Does Wearing a Face Mask Protect you from Coronavirus

The World experienced an outbreak of the swine flu at the end of the previous decade. The concern of everyone was about how to reduce the spread of the virus. As the identification of the virus was not done, so according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), vaccine availability was limited. Manufacturers were […]

10 Tips for Online Shopping

10 Tips for Online Shopping

Online shopping is an art, no matter how simple it may seem to be. To become an artist, you need to know specific techniques. Have a look at 10 tips for online shopping with a better experience. 1. Make your mind: Any shopping experience depends upon what do you wish to purchase, for whom do […]

What are the benefits of Himalayan Salt for health?

Himalayan salt benefits

Natural Himalayan salt has multiple benefits for human health. They are available in markets as decoration pieces like Lamps and also in edible form. They have numerous benefits and positive effects on the Human body. The extraction of Himalayan salt is by carving from the Himalayan mountain range of Khewra Pakistan. The origin of this […]

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