Rise of eCommerce during CoronaVirus-19 Lockdown

Rise of eCommerce during CoronaVirus-19 Lockdown

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause illness, such as a common cold. COVID-19 is a sewer form of Corona Virus, which is a new illness as well that affects your lungs and airways. Many believe that the origin of this virus is animals and now spreading from human to human. COVID-19 first appears in Wuhan city (a city of 11 million people), Hubei Province of China. The first case of COVID-19 connects to exposure in a seafood market in Wuhan city on January 27, 2020. Health and medical professionals are fighting against this deadly virus to control its spread. There is an immediate need to understand this new virus better and to develop ways to control its effects and spread.

Wold Health Organization (WHO) has declared Global Emergency to control COVID-19 spread. COVID-19 has infected over 100,000 people worldwide. Clinical features of COVID-19 appeared fever, cough, or problem during the breath. Coronavirus disease spreads through contact with an infected person when he cough or sneeze. It can also spread when a person touches a surface or object that has a virus on it. And then he/she touches their eyes, nose, or mouth. Various countries have issued travel restrictions as per WHO advice.

Corona Virus impact on e-commerce

Coronavirus is damaging routine activities worldwide. People from all over the world are facing problems to fulfill their basic needs because of lockdown. So that’s why e-commerce has become a useful source to provide necessities of life. It can be a rise of ecommerce around the globe, especially in third world countries. E-commerce can help, shape, and improve the world of the future. Under the current scenario, e-commerce has become an essential segment of the society. To avoid offline shopping due to the high risk of infection and lack of availability of inventory on the shelves, people are moving towards online retail with longer and comfortable delivery windows. People gradually moving towards online and habits won’t change when the epidemics are over.

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The situation is rapidly evolving due to COVID-19 spread. The restaurants, bars, movie theaters, and gyms in different significant cities are shutting down. Many office workers are facing new challenges of working full time. We can say that we are living in modern times. As many cities are going under lockdown and customers are generally avoiding Public places, so online companies are struggling to keep up with demands.

Since the outbreak began, 45% of global consumers spending more time on social media. According to Econsultancy, TV news viewership in China rises by 69%. The coronavirus will provide a long-term boost for online retailers. With stores closed, more consumers are shopping online for the first time in new categories. Groceries and household essentials are the two hot categories for shop online. With the rise of eCommerce, big players like Amazon or Alibaba will try to take market share.

Opportunities in e-commerce for different product Provider companies during the Corona Virus Lockdown.


E-grocery has seen a high jump during a coronavirus outbreak. Ali Baba group acknowledging that grocery items orders raise to double, including vegetables, meat, and seafood. The purchase of Grocery via online systems is becoming popular and use full to avoid rushy environment and inventory shortage. Different e-Commerce companies like Ali Baba and Amazon are focusing on shipping medical and food supplies into the province.


Food is the basic necessity of human beings. There is a need to make sure of the required food provision. For avoiding this panic situation and also the shortage of food stock, e-Commerce strategy is in use all over the world. Different food processing companies are redirecting their focus away from traditional offline channels to Omni channels. These companies are redirecting budgets in response to the crises. Some restaurants are offering semi-finish dishes for their customers who would like to stay home and cook themselves.


Producers of luxury items are launching full virtual showrooms. They are observing quick responses via online shopping. The use of luxury items is every day in the affording community. Under this category, people are more conscious about their health, so these people prefer the purpose of buying luxury items online. Luxury items will have a significant share in the rise of ecommerce in upcoming years.

Insurance companies

Different insurance companies are also moving towards online selling of their policies. They are adding free coverage for corona affected or product loss due to lockdown.

Heath Care

The current situation is very critical under spreading Corona Virus. Healthy people are avoiding going to the hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. So, that’s why online buying of services and medicines is increasing. Health care companies are launching free online consultation services. They are also launching online tools to help patients with chronic disease and to maintain their drug supply. They will also deliver goods to the hospital in need, no matter the location of the destination.

Fashion and Apparel

Fashion is part of the human lifestyle. Due to lockdown, online purchases are increasing to avoid complications. Many companies related to fashion and Apparel products have also shifted their focus to online selling. They are engaging their employees online by creating a sales ranking system for every single employee.

Delivery and Cargo Process

The effective delivery system is the backbone of e-commerce. But, it is not always a straightforward process during the crises. Under the current shut down situation worldwide, companies are finding viable solutions to insure their shipments. Carriers are unable to deliver shipments to households within quarantined cities and different areas. The companies are checking for possibilities if delivery is possible or not. They have increased their staff at support centers to help clients to get quick information at a difficult time. Transportation of Goods remains a priority for people like the effect of nationwide lockdown. Truck drivers may not cross-province to another; they may only drive within states.

Strategic direction for the coming Era

Many companies in different countries are moving towards full-scale digitization, including manufacturers in all kinds of industries. From all the above examples, we can predict the rapid rise of ecommerce. The digital side of the retail business will grow at a faster pace than previous projections. It is positive for the long term goals of the digital transformation of our society. E-commerce companies are going to improve their packing material and binding system to avoid the waste of their products and returns. In general perception, people’s habits will not change after lockdown. The coming Era of online shopping trends will be on the boom.

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