How to start an e-commerce business

How to start an online e-commerce business?


The digital age has offered us so much that you can easily start your online business without having to pay too much money. Of course, you might think that having a brilliant idea is enough to start this journey, but you’re mistaken. the most difficult question How to start an online e-commerce business? So, Most people believe that having a plan is more important than exploring the market. Find a viable business market first & then think about the product or service. Focus on people who are looking for a solution to their problems & needs, so you can later shape a product or service around it. If selling computers online came across your mind, & you are persistent in selling those, even if there is already a lot of online businesses selling the same, you might have a problem. After you have determined whom you are selling to & what you are selling, make sure your web page includes a compelling headline, problems your product solves, reviews, testimonials, & created urgency.

Website Design

Make your navigation clear & simple; use graphics, audio, or video to enhance your message, & customer friendly. Boring websites with complicated navigation turn people away. You wouldn’t want to buy from a website that is not customer friendly. Urge people to sign up for your newsletters, which will help you create a database of customers. Pop up messages are not a bad idea in this case. For example, offer a discount if your customer wants to sign up for your newsletter.

Steps to startup any business

No matter what kind of business you’re looking to build, whether its start online business or regular business there are 4 things you need to do before your startup. When you started up a business, you did none of these things. It is why most businesses never achieved financial self-sufficiency. Once I stopped just starting a business based on an idea & applied these four steps, my results changed.

1. Formulate your business concept.

Write down your ideas. Move your ideas from a conversation onto paper. Whatever you are going to build, be it a business, a bookshelf, or a building, you need to be put down in writing. It will allow you to visualize better what the initial thing will look similar. And, it helps you think about the parts & how they go together.

2. Figure out how the components (operations, finance, marketing, people) would work.

All businesses are made up of four (4) essential parts that require works together if your business is to go anywhere. The operations perspective includes all aspects of delivering the products or services that you will build your business around. The marketing aspect deals with how, where, & to whom you will tell about your business & what benefit they can expect to get from your business. The financial aspect deals with money – money coming in & money going out. The people part trades with everybody that your business will have an impact on. It includes people who work for you, people whom you buy things from, & people whom you sell to a product.

3. Validate your idea by talking with prospective

customers to see if they want what you think is a great idea. It’s not as different as you’d think that people go through the entire process of starting up a business based entirely on an idea that they think is great only to find out nobody is willing to spend money to acquire whatever it is. They also never bother to find out what & where people are currently buying these products or services. Are they looking for a new source to purchase from them? What are those businesses already doing well or not doing well?

4. Find an expert mentor that you can hire to guide you on how this stuff works.

The other choice is to do what most people do – go it alone, thinking that they will figure it out themselves through trial & error methods. But, assume the same results most people get – 90% of those who start a business fail within the first 18 months. The primary reason is they have no idea what they are doing. It’s like baking a cake without a recipe.

Ecommerce business importance

Online business is growing with an influx of new businesses getting started every day. The use of the internet & access to knowledgeable information has made it very easy for people to start an online business. However, unfortunately, the easy access has also made the market saturated, & only the ones that have the persistence & are well-strategized are making it big. Starting an online earning is like a project which you have to break down into different phases, & I can assure you, spending time on planning is the most important.

There are many options to start e-commerce business. E.g, customize products, clothes, accessories, etc.

These are some of the things that you definitely must cater do.

  • Market research
  • Niche research
  • Set up your website following competitors in your niche
  • Delivery plan
  • Funnel plans
  • Marketing plan
  • Social Media plan
  • Customer Service Plan
  • Email marketing plan

one thing that start e-commerce business, nothing is forever. So, You have to keep moving to new strategies & plan to improve. Keep up with the marketing trends continuously.


Building your own eCommerce business is as attractive as it is challenging. At a rapid pace, you’ll learn a ton about choosing a product, evaluating its viability, figuring out how to get it produced, building an online shop, marketing & selling to new customers. So, The process can feel like you’re solving a head-scratcher of a puzzle, but it’s compensating all the same.

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