Cricket Fever OF PSL 2020

Cricket Fever OF PSL 2020


The HBL PSL is becoming popular all around the world day by day. If you are a new fan of this Pakistan super league, I will tell you, according to the survey report, billions of fans watch the last final match 2019 among Quetta Gladiators vs. Peshawar Zalmi. Quetta Gladiators is the Last winner od PSL 2019. There is no doubt that cricket is in our blood, & that Pakistani fans are stick to their TVs, mobiles, & social media timelines co tome a match between the six teams in the tournament. It is only fair that they want to support their teams & cheer them on as if they were at the stadium.

PSL was not a great success during the first seasons. But It gradually started getting views through online, tv. When it comes to other global tournaments, it was lagging due to various reasons. Due to competition conducted outside of the country, the crowd coming to the grounds was relatively lesser. Also, they don’t have such a big name apart from a few retired players for marketing their game.

The majority of top players don’t participate due to reasons being lack of lucrative pays. You don’t find someone like boult, Johnson, Steyn, Maxwell in the tournament. But in 2020 PSL big player part of the game. This whole year tournament held in Pakistan. The decision to conduct a full tournament in Pakistan is much needed to resettle cricket matches in Pakistan’s home soil. PCB works hard to persuade all stakeholders to hold the entire tournament in Pakistan this year. It will increase revenue because of more crowd will come & watch cricket.

This year on social media mostly asks a question, “who are you supporting in the ongoing PSL?” However, the problem starts to get annoying after some time. Then what is the best way to escape the irritating probes into your loyalty?

PSL has six teams

  • Lahore Qalandars
  • Multan Sultans
  • Quetta Gladiators
  • Islamabad United
  • Karachi Kings
  • Peshawar Zalmi

We’ve all been to sporting events in our country where we see some people in full garb at the stadium trying to channel their inner professional athlete by wearing the same uniform the players do. And while that’s a little crazy, it’s nothing compared to a fan doing it while dressed as their favorite player.

Here are a few lists that you can do being interrogated again and again.

Your favorite team shirt 

The best way to highlight your team performance in the ongoing PSL is by wearing a team shirt. And if you have some extra cash, you buy all 6 PSL 2020 shirts representing franchises. There are two benefits to this. One you will add five different shirts to your wardrobe for the upcoming summers & 2nd, you wear a different shirt for each match to display your inclination. To support your team buy PSL shirt.

Get your mobile Cover

As smartphone sales grow & innovations come to market, phone case sales will also increase. Most of the people use mobile Cover as fashion & style. These people always buy different mobile cover. They change their mobile Cover on various events. In PSL season, they buy a customized mobile cover with their favorite team logo.

Get your “Caps.”

If you are not the T-shirt kind of person & prefer casual or semi-formal shirts, you can always boast your liking for your favorite franchise by wearing a cap. Because of summers hitting Pakistan soon, a hat can still be a safety against the scorching sun & also from the irritating investigators.

A coffee mug

It is not essential, and it doesn’t matter if you drink coffee or tea. The only thing that matters is the cup branded with your favorite team logo, which you can place in your office or in your room to help everyone to recognize your love for your team.

Get your Hoodies

PSL starts at the end of winter. You can buy the hoody of your favorite team. Hood and jackets must be your thing at the moment because of the extended winter this year in Pakistan.


It doesn’t matter if your favorite team wins or loses when you genuinely care about the game; bonding with other fans of the team is an easy & fun way to make friends & share fun experiences. With your knowledge of the game & the team, you’re bound to form strong friendships & engage in new activities with other sports fans.

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