8 Birthday Gifts for Cricket Lovers In 2021

Birthday Gifts for Cricket Lovers In 2021

December is the month of birthdays. If your own birthday isn’t in December then you definitely know multiple people who are born in December. So, it can be tough having to find so many different gifts, which is why we have curated this list of wonderful presents that can be found online. Most of the Pakistani boys grew up playing Cricket every day, and any gifts related to Cricket will make them very happy and remind them of their memorable childhood. Here are our top gifts for cricket lovers. If your friend or loved one is crazy about Cricket. It is best to choose from The Shoppies list of the best birthday Gifts for Cricket Lovers.

“Cricket to us was more than play, it was a worship in the summer sun.”

― Edmund Blunden

T Shirt

Afridi Image T shirt

A customized t-shirt is a perfect gift for cricket lovers. Printing a picture of him playing the sport is an even better idea for a gift. Another good option is to get a t-shirt that is an image of your favorite player.


HS 41 – English Willow Bat – Used and Endorsed by Babar Azam and MOHAMMAD HAFEEZ

Cricket is incomplete without a cricket bat. HS 41 – English Willow Bat – Babar Azam Edition is the best Birthday Gift for Cricket Lovers. If you feel buying a whole cricket kit is beyond your budget, you could select a fairly good quality cricket bat and present it to your cricket-crazy relative. He would definitely appreciate your thoughtful gesture.


Hs 41 Batting Halmet

If you think buying a cricket bat may look too common, you could go in for a cricketer’s good helmet with a faceguard. He would love to do it the next time he goes out to bat for his local team or keep the wickets. It provides protective gear and ensures safety, coverage, and comfort. It is quite reasonably priced as well. Moreover, if your friend loves playing the match as much as watching it, a helmet is going to make a perfect gift for them as it acts as a guard as well. And ensures safety while playing. This HS 41 Batting Helmet is the best Birthday Gifts for Cricket Lovers 

Cricket Kit Bag

Duffel Kit Bag

This is for the ones who take their game seriously and still play cricket whenever they find the time. This Duffel Kit Bag helps them to care for their cricket kit products.


H 41 Wicket Keeping Gloves

Special padded gloves are a must for every cricketer, which is why this becomes a perfect gift for cricket lovers. HS 41 Wicket Keeping Gloves used by Babar Azam give you a champion feeling.  Gloves are an element in the bat and ball games sportswear and are quite important in the game. Your friend could use it effectively when he goes out to bat for his team or serve as a wicketkeeper. By maintaining a good grip, it will be easier for your friend to win the game and will increase the results on their plates. 

Cricket Kit

Sports Equipment Shop Category
Sports Equipment Shop Category – Sports Store

If the person is a cricket lover who not only watches big matches but also plays the game as a hobby you could surprise him by gifting him with a basic cricket kit that has all the key items you need to play the game. It is moderately priced and is valuable for cricket lovers.


Cricket Mug

Everybody loves a personal coffee cup, So, a cricket fan is no different. It’s as simple as getting a customized coffee mug from The Shoppies. This mug is best Birthday Gifts for Cricket Lovers

Customized Mobile cover

Customized Mobile cover

In today’s technology-driven era, having a smartphone is all about luxury than comfort and necessity. And with the habit of taking smartphones to all the places every time, the look matters a lot more. Given that, the best-printed customized mobile covers provide protection and be a fashion statement. So, a Customized mobile cover is the best option for a cricket fan

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